Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Now this month has been a lot of fun :D
Unfortunately no completed commissions
to show at this time for this month, however...

Blurgh! The Cat

It's been an interesting month for Blurgh! The Cat...I decided to take part in the 
INKTOBER challenge, where you aim to draw a complete ink drawing
for each day of the month. I only managed under half...but I got a bit
ambitious and carried away!

Day 1 - Blurgh

Day 2 - Roary

Day 3 - Squeal

Day 4 - Urk

Day 5 - Squeal fights Blurgh! Grindcore Z!!

Day 6 - Some character designs for the Blurgh graphic novel...

Day 7 - Creepy Blurgh on paper I use for wheatpasting!

Day 8 - Blurgh suffers a writer's block

Day 9 - Here's where I started to fail!!

Day 10 - Blurgh's Basement #1

Day 11 - Blurgh's Basement #2

Day 12 - Blurgh's Basement #3

The Blurgh's Basement installments will continue!!
But no longer as part of Inktober; as it's a bit late now...
They're super fun to draw, though!

Send your questions for Blurgh! The Cat to answer
via a comic page to:

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