Thursday, 3 September 2015


A recap of select completed works from this month!
(There are some pieces that I will be unable to share until the September post).


How do THESE look for a gig line-up?! (Points to anyone who can decipher them!)
I was commissioned to design and create 3 metal logos in different styles; 
each more unreadable than the last. These were a LOT of fun to design!! \m/
They will be used as part of a project by the client; 
I will share more information when I am able.

Blurgh! The Cat 
 I drew this as a celebration for a Blurgh! The Cat milestone;
his Facebook has now reached over 500+ frostbitten followers!! \m/

An exclusive Blurgh! The Cat strip will also be featured in
Northern Darkness Zine - Issue 6; which can be pre-ordered

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