Sunday, 2 August 2015

JULY 2015

I decided that it might be a good idea to start documenting and art-dumping
 (relax, not THAT sort of art-dumping!) at the end of each month with some of my creative helps me to see where I'm going and to keep track of progress.


This piece is a monthly podcast brought to you by the zany albeit loveable Joe and Rich!!
Listen to their first broadcast HERE!!

Blurgh! The Cat
 Blurgh! The Cat made his first appearance since I put the webcomic on hiatus over a month ago in NORTHERN DARKNESS ZINE; a zine about current events happening in the Black Metal scene.
I've been drawing Blurgh traditionally with inks as opposed to digitally...and loving it! \m/ 

This dumb idea has also been in my head for a while...I did a rough idea last year (see to the left) in a sort of children's book style, but wanted to revisit the idea! I'd love to get a limited edition of mugs created or something.
Hail Satan! =^ಠ_ಠ^= \m/


I've been replaying Pokemon Red on my old Gameboy Colour 
(despite buying a shiny new Batman Edition PS4 for my birthday...) 
and also been catching up on One Piece, one of my favourite manga-series!

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